Milan accumulates ties and doubts

Inzaghi protest. Everything was impotence in Milan against Catania.

Any statement about Milan runs serious risks of being ridiculed at the end of the season. Because if there is something that showed the staff of the club in 06/07 is that despite the years in the back of their soldiers, the trade of these keeps them in the European front line of fire. With such courage that the last Champions took the pocket against several, if not all, possible forecasts.

However, and beyond the requests for calm and time that arise in the bowels of the Ancelotti team, the alarm signals are on in half the city. While Inter, champion of Calcio, thrashed Roma in the Olympic Stadium (1-4) and leads the tournament, the ‘Rossoneri’ sail aimlessly in the middle of the table. Yesterday, in addition, they accumulated in their home a sad tie -1 to 1, goal of Kaka- against a weak Catania who struggles with great difficulty to escape the descent.

In total, they accumulate the ugly series of four draws in six days, with a win and a loss. Seven points that leave a bad taste in the mouth of a fan that awaits the Scudetto after a sabbatical due to the sanctions imposed by the federation. The idea of ​​the grandstand is to snatch it from the neighbors … but in this dynamic it will be more than difficult for them to get it.

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