“Bolivia can not afford this influence of Venezuela”

Veronica Walsh | June 26, 2018 | 7

Juan Manuel Peña (Santa Cruz, 1973), is the only Bolivian player in the Spanish Football League, where he arrived in 1995. But that long stay on the other side of the ocean does not abstract him from the current situation in his country. Interviewed in the program This Chuta of Radio Kanal Barcelona (RKB, 106.9 FM), the international was outraged by the situation his compatriots are going through.

“This thing that the country is living never happened to us. We were always a peaceful people and it is a pity that the situation can not be improved in any other way, “he said.

“From the outside, those of us who feel and love Bolivia so much, we see clearly what the problem is: the influence of people from other countries, such as the case of Venezuela. That is not the lifestyle we have and we can not afford to do the things that Venezuelans do because they are a town that only caters, “he said.

According to Peña, the actions of President Evo Morales are “a total loss for the future of our families. We see that our children now can not have the freedom and financial strength that we did when we were children. ”

Anyway, the 34-year-old defender did not associate the bad political situation with that of his national team, which despite adding two important points with draws against Ecuador and Brazil on the final day of the Qualifiers has very few chances of winning a ticket. to South Africa 2010. “What happens is absolutely political and has nothing to do with sports. Anyway, until the mathematics says otherwise, I feel we can reverse the situation, “he said.

But in spite of it Juan Manuel is disappointed with the attitude of the people. “They are very pessimistic since the Qualifiers began and that throws everything back,” he confessed. His hope is that young people “who emigrated to some leagues in Europe will acquire an international level to dream of a better future”.

Celtic: “People are motivated”

The misfortune is also for Celta de Vigo, who lost the three games he played in the Second Division. “The truth is that we did not start as we would like. Things do not go well, as it happened in the preseason in which we played well every game. Anyway, people are motivated and that will lead us to improve, “he concluded.

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