The Arsenal is a machine; Chelsea a shadow

The days pass and the Arsenal every time they have better gunpowder to stay in the first position of the Premier thanks to a soccer that they would like to be able to enjoy the rest of the great English and of Europe. With an increasingly consolidated Cesc Fábregas – what would Barça be with him in the squad! -, the ‘Gunners’ added their sixth victory in seven presentations. This time it was a bit tight (0-1, goal by Van Persie) against West Ham in Upton Park. But given the bad run they had accumulated against this team in recent crashes – they had added one of the last twelve points – the result is enough for Wegner and his boys to go home with a full belly and the appetite of a satisfied leader. “We are a very young team, but I am convinced that we can be aspirants to the title,” Arsène was encouraged to say. It is missing, but the roads are already glimpsed on the horizon.

Like the Chelsea, next rival of Valencia in Champions, that of being a fearsome lion with Mourinho happened to be a domestic kitten. The 0-0 at home against a usual bottom line like Fulham is the best proof that the wounds are still open. “I find the ‘expulsion’ of Jose difficult to assume. I could not predict such a brutal blow. At the moment I am in a state of nerves that I never imagined, “said Drogba, who saw the red card.

Historic win
Portsmouth got a fantastic 7-4 against Reading. Directed by Harry Redknapp and with seven Africans in the squad, they are one of the beautiful revelations that await us this year.

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